How to Block Unwanted Calls on Samsung Galaxy Android Devices – No App Needed

| July 11, 2012 | 10 Comments

How to Block Unwanted Calls on Android 4.0.X ICSYes, you read it right. No app needed. Its there in call settings, at least in all Samsung+Android devices. I remember when I had symbian mobiles(a few years back), I used to have an app called blacklist to block unwanted calls.

Now this feature has been added in Android devices and no 3rd party app is needed to do the task. This feature is not available in HTC devices that means if you have non-Samsung + Android device, chances are less that this will work for you. Simply convenient for the people like me who want to block those ‘unwanted’ calls from customer care.

Where is it in settings?

For Android 4.0.X ICS:

  • Open Dialer > Call settings > Call rejection.
  • Enable “Auto reject mode”.
  • Enter into “Auto reject list” and start adding the phone numbers.

For 2.3.X Gingerbread:

  • Go to settings > Call > Call settings > Call rejection.
  • Enable “Auto reject mode”.
  • Enter into “Auto reject list” and start adding the phone numbers.

Demo-ed on Samsung Galaxy S3 – Video

This feature is stocked with all Samsung+Android devices. If this is also there on your non-Samsung device, please comment below and mention your device name. Also, If this is not there on your mobile device, mention your device name.

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  • Adam

    it really helped thanks alot



    • This was demo-ed on Galaxy S3 (and keeping in mind that other samsung android devices would also have this feature). galaxy young might be an exception OR the setting must be located somewhere else.

      Or you can use this feature by downloading an app from play store.

  • Ken

    Is there a way to create a shortcut to the auto reject mode dialog?

    • Without an app, No.

  • Mooons

    Mine is a Samsung galaxy S3 5860, android 2.3.6, gingerbread.DDLc3. Can’t seem to find the auto reject option anywhere.

    • You can follow the video to see the exact location where you can change the setting…

      • Vincent

        Nop, theres no such option on galaxy android 2.3.6 🙂 Every owner of an 2.3.6 android celphone has the same fucking problem 🙂 No such option in the system !

  • shailendra

    i tried to block all unknown no. but it is not working in my s3

  • C

    For anyone on Android 2.3.6 still (hey, we can’t all update to the newest stuff at the same time):
    To put someone on the call reject list, you go to the reject list in the call reject options. You then have to press the “Options” button next to the home button. There you can add a number to reject via your contacts, the call log, or a number.